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Enrollment now open for Februrary 2020

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Be a part of Latin America’s next generation of specialists in Data Science

Our Program in Data Science shapes future data science professionals which will be capable of creating new business pathways for companies and builds on courses offered by UTEC, MITx and the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School

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One step towards the frontier of knowledge

This program of academic excellence is in a field with growing relevance to the workforce. The program builds upon courses offered by UTEC, MITx and PON with the technical support of Plan Ceibal.

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We combine on-site and virtual workshops with practical examples in a format that is compatible with work life.


In 15 months, the students will dominate the foundations of data science and will investigate their practical applications within a company.


Experts from MIT will teach the courses and offer personalized counseling to the students in an academic process aiming towards excellence.


Our workshops combine theoretical knowledge with practical implementation and the necessary skills to lead innovative projects.

We approach a complex field with a broad view.

Our graduates will have the fundamental knowledge to dominate the essence of data science, develop new lines of business in a company and lead decision-making processes in their teams.


Learn to:

  • Analyze big data and design predictive models
  • Develop supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms
  • Lead and communicate projects effectively
  • Propose new lines of business within a company

MITx MicroMasters in Statistics and Data Science, the driving force behind our program

The objective of the course is for the students to dominate the foundations of data science, statistics and machine learning.

The MITx MicroMasters degree has international validity and is an academic credential issued by edX under the name of MITx, which the students will receive once they pass on the integrated graduate-level courses and the final proctored exam from the MITx MicroMasters in Statistics and Data Science. The courses are Probability - The Science of Uncertainty and Data; Data Analysis for Social Sciences; Fundamentals of Statistics, and Machine Learning with Python: from Linear Models to Deep Learning.


We answer a series of frequently asked questions that tend to be the cause of many doubts. In case you have a question that is not covered below, send us an email at

There are no formal requisites for enrolmentenrolment in the MITx MicroMasters courses. Though their successful completion will require high proficiency in linear algebra, multivariate calculus, Python and an excellent command of the English language.

The first cohort of the program started in May 16th, 2019. The second cohort will begin in February 2020.

Between 15 and 17 months. The first cohort of the program started in May 2019 and it ends on September 2020.

15-20 hours for the hybrid courses and 40 hours for the on-site courses.

In 2019, the program's cost was USD 12.830, with a 20% discount available for early enrollment. We offer every candidate an Installment Payment Plan.

The registration deadline for the first cohort that started in May 2019 is closed. Enrollment is now open for the next cohort which begins in February 2020.

The subjects are taught in English.

The program combines eight weeks of on-site workshops in Uruguay (for the first cohort, two in May, four in January and two in September) with online, asynchronous lessons. Complementing the theoretical subject matter, students will analyze cases, develop exercises and participate in synchronous courses that will foster continuous learning.

In the LATU Technological Park, Montevideo, Uruguay.

The on-site classes are intensive, starting at 9:00AM and ending at 6:00PM. The synchronous classes will be taught at 9:00AM (Uruguay time). The MITx MicroMasters Program asynchronous classes will be available whenever it is most convenient for the students.

Once the Probability, Data Analysis, Statistics, Machine Learning and the final exam are completed and passed, the degree obtained is a MicroMasters in Statistics and Data Science, issued by edX under the name of MITx.

Participants of PON Global who take part in all sessions and negotiation simulations will also receive a certificate of completion from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Once the totality of the program is completed, the degree obtained is a Professional Master in Data Science, issued by UTEC.


Thank you for your interest. In order to get to know you, we need some basic information. Our admissions office will contact you shortly.

About CoLAB

CoLAB is a hub of disruptive educational projects. This initiative is possible thanks to Uruguay’s institutional soundness and its ability to innovate in the provision of public services. Breakthroughs in digital inclusion make Uruguay an interlocutor that dialogues with world-renowned higher education institutions. The Program in Data Science is the result of the first agreement established between CoLAB and an elite university such as MIT.

About UTEC

The Technological University (UTEC) shapes high-quality professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators for the XXI century, promoting training in the most recent technological trends, which in turn will have a direct impact on production systems, and promote the creation of new sectors within the economy and the creation of new professional profiles. Focused on innovation and committed to Uruguay's strategic guidelines and production needs, UTEC brings forth quality educational proposals in fields such as engineering, arts and applied science, offering also online diplomas.